Blogging With Kidblog

Kidblog is my favorite student blogging platform to date. This is my platform of choice when I want to make class size blogs for my students. The ease of set up for the teachers and usability by students is as good as it gets.

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The basic platform for teachers is free, but you can upgrade to a school or district size platform if you wish. By paying you get more storage space and the ability to add more administrator options to the blog. I have always used the free version and have never had a problem with space (although my students rarely published videos.) 

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The dashboard is very easy to use. On the home page (above) you can see immediately the number of posts, posts that are ready to publish (if you moderate them), the number of comments ready for moderation (again if you prefer to moderate them), along with the latest comments and posts. Note the comments awaiting publishing are in the yellow above. 

One of the best features of Kidblog is the ability to easily add new students. While you can do a bulk upload using a CSV file, you can very easily add the students names and passwords by hand. In fact it is so easy you can do this in under 10 minutes if you are adequate with a keyboard. 

In settings you can determine how open (or closed) the blog is to the public. You can also determine if you want to moderate posts or comments. You should also check out the widgets section. Now that there is the ability to add custom widgets, you can really add some good stuff to your post. 

Written September 14, 2014


  1. Can you explain some cool custom widgets that would be worth adding? Thanks!

    1. Absolutely, I will be posting them on the blog. Since I just started this is going to take some time to flesh out. The first few will probably be the more obvious widgets/gadgets. I did add a few on the Blogging Accessibility page you might be interested in.