Thursday, September 25, 2014

Blogging4Kid Superlative Student Blog: Come Somersault With Sarah!

Sarah is another former student of Linda Yollis, and has a great blog, Come Somersault With Sarah! Sarah has been blogging for four years and does a great job of writing posts that include good text and great pictures. 

When you look through Sarah's posts you will notice that she shares a lot about herself. She is a very talented musician and she shares her talent on the blog. You should also notice the sidebar where Sarah has several visitor counters and a special widget that keeps track of her most popular posts. 


  1. This is absoltely one of my favourite student blogs as well. An exemplary example of how to post quality and amazing writing. As you will be aware her Teacher, Mrs Yollis has now had 1.3million page views on her page. When are you going to interview her for this site?
    Mr Webb/NZWaikato