Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Is Your Blog Accessible? Here Are Some Widgets That Can Help

Blog accessibility by seeing impaired or language impaired visitors is a very important and yet often overlooked requirement of a good student blog. Here are a few widgets/gadgets you may want to add to your blog to help it be more accessible.

Some good widgets/gadgets you may want to add to increase accessibility:

AnswerTips this widget allows a person to double click any word on your blog and get its definition as well as a clickable pronunciation key.

VozMe this widget/plug-in allows a person to highlight a passage which will then be changed into an mp3.

Google Translate this widget/code allows people to translate the pages into a language they may be more comfortable with reading.


  1. I'd also recommend beyond words 'Feedjit' for the live link to put on your blog to keep track of world time views as they appear on your blog and then I'd have it Data Projected onto the classroom wall
    Mr Webb/NZWaiako

    1. Feedjit is great, there is also RevolverMaps that I should put in a post too. Thanks for the idea.